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Purple Body Butter

Purple Body Butter

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Get ready for a wild, adrenaline-filled experience with our body butter. Designed for bold young women, its bold and energetic scent, watermelon bubblegum scent.
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Benefits body butters

Intense hydration, which is based on natural oils provides hydration.
Radiant glow, subtle shine on the skin, highlighting its natural beauty.
Fast absorption, absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a greasy or sticky feeling.
Delicate shimmers, irresistible scents. Awaken your sensuality and charm with our body butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are body butters?

Moisturizing creams with natural extracts that will help hydrate and moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy sensation.

What is the mode of use of body butters?

Since its function is to moisturize the skin, you can apply it at any time of the day all over your body.

What is the difference between butters?

We have 3 presentations of body butters, which fulfill the same function which is to moisturize your body, the only difference is the color and aromas, we have them in the following scents: Peach, watermelon and red fruits.

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