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Antiestrías 160ml

Antiestrías 160ml

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Anti-stretch marks 160ml, multi-benefits that regenerates your skin tissues, improving existing stretch marks and preventing the appearance of new ones anywhere on your body.

Suitable for: pregnant women, lactating women, children and the elderly.

Frequent questions

What products work for stretch marks?
Stretch marks appear due to a lack of hydration and elasticity in the skin, so to help prevent the appearance and improve the appearance of stretch marks that you already have, an intensive treatment is important, our anti-stretch mark oil and body butter will give your skin the necessary hydration and will improve them in a high percentage.

Does stretch mark oil help improve stretch marks I already have?
Our PIEL DE ORO anti-stretch mark oil will help you improve the appearance of current stretch marks and prevent the appearance of new stretch marks on your skin, since your skin will be constantly hydrated and ready for any change.

How long does it take to see the results with the anti-stretch mark oil treatments?
Remember that stretch marks are a bit more difficult to treat, depending on their thickness, color, size, location, and more. If you are consistent with our gold skin anti-stretch mark treatment, using the product several times a day, either after showering, before bedtime, and at more times of your day where you can use the product, you will get better results. It is an intensive 3-month treatment, in which you will begin to see the results from the first 2 weeks. If you are pregnant, this product will help you a lot to keep your skin extra hydrated, protected and will prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your skin due to the changes it will present during this stage. Remember that both with anti-stretch mark oil, and with any other cosmetic product, you must previously perform a sensitivity test in the area where you are going to use it, this to avoid future complications.

Why is stretch mark oil multi-benefit?
Thanks to the ingredients of our golden skin anti-stretch mark oil, such as coconut oil, almond oil, vitamin E, carrot oil and others, they make it an oil that you can use on many parts of your body and for different purposes. I will leave you here some tips for you to use our anti-stretch mark oil and get the most out of it:
You can apply it at night before bed on your face, if you suffer from dry skin your skin will thank you, as multiple oils will be working during the night to hydrate your skin.
Apply to eyebrows and eyelashes, it will help you promote growth and give shine.
Apply it to your hair mixed with your conditioner or hair mask of your choice, the combination of both products will give your hair a hydration, softness and shine boom.
Use it as a make-up remover, if you use waterproof products such as eyelashes, eyeliners and other makeup, the anti-stretch mark oil will help you make the make-up removal process simpler and more friendly to your skin.

How to use

1. Take some of the stretch mark oil in your hands.
2. Apply evenly to the area to be treated.
3. Gently massage and wait for it to absorb, it won't leave you with a greasy feeling.

To optimize its use:
Your skin will thank you for using this anti stretch mark thanks to the combination of 6 natural oils that make it up. We recommend that you exfoliate your body at least 2 times a week to eliminate dead cells that accumulate in the body to optimize results. An excellent ally is our skin-friendly body scrub.


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