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Aceite Bronceador 160ml

Aceite Bronceador 160ml

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Tanning oil 160ml, shows off perfectly tanned skin in 10 - 15 minutes as well as nourishing, hydrating and protecting it with the Golden Skin Bronzing.

Requires sun exposure.

Frequent questions

What is the correct way to use self-tanner?

In order for you to obtain the desired tone with our PIEL DE ORO self-tanner, you must previously prepare your skin with a good exfoliation, this will help you eliminate dead skin and allow the product to penetrate your skin better and result in a uniform tone. After exfoliating, apply the self-tanner evenly on the body, making sure not to leave parts of your skin bare, wait 4 hours and your tan is done! Remember that you must rinse your hands or the areas that you do not want to be pigmented.

Can I go to the beach after using the piel de oro self-tanner?

After self-tanning with piel de oro, you can expose yourself to the sun with peace of mind, as this will not change its effect or tonality. If, on the contrary, you want to intensify your tan, you can use our tanned piel de oro. Remember to constantly nourish your skin with anti-stretch mark butter or oil to prevent sun exposure from causing dryness or flaking on your skin.

How to use

1. You must apply it at least 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun.
2. Put it progressively and evenly on all the areas of your body that you want to tan.
3. Renew your application if there is contact with water or if you have excessive sweating.
4. Be sure to expose yourself to the sun from the front, back and sides to achieve a perfect tan.


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